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Who we are:  Kingdom First Enterprises is a non profit organization dedicated to making a difference in the lives of hurting people in our community. We are entirely volunteer based and 100% of our donations go to outreach projects. Our mission is to collaborate with other service providers, first responders, businesses, churches, and civic organizations, to share hope and help to those in need.

What we do:  Over the past ten years we have been involved in a number of outreach projects. From feeding the hungry, to responding to local and national disasters, our primary focus has been on widows, seniors, orphans, and single moms. We provide short term emergency assistance such as boarding up windows before a storm, cleaning up, delivering food, clothing, and furniture to those who have lost everything. Our goal is to empower people who need help by connecting them with resources that will assist them toward long term independence. 

I N  A C T I O N

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